Loyalty - Stop unwanted staff turnover, boost engagement, and create lifelong advocates

About Loyalty:

Loyalty is a practical handbook for business leaders who seek to answer the question: “Why do good people leave a good organisation?”

While some employers wing it, or try to manage a staff member quitting only after it happens, Loyalty helps you establish the long-term strategies and approaches to creating good workplace culture, before the rot sets in.

This handbook can be used as a step-by-step, practical guide to engage high potential staff as well as create the environments that good people want to engage in. It can also be used as a more reflective document for those wanting deeper thinking around workplace culture.

With practical tools and step-by-step exercises, Loyalty helps you foster long-term employee engagement – long before you hear the words: “I quit.”

"I sunk my teeth into this book and read it from cover to cover! I got super excited seeing all the practical suggestions and for putting these ideas into place in my team!" Roxanne Ebina, owner, Nunie and YU

BONUS Materials:

Podcast interviews

1. Sarah Riegelhuth, finance expert, entrepreneur, and author of Get Rich Slow

2. Craig Cherry, customer service expert and Director of The Loyalty Zone

3.Megan Bromley, former Head of Employee Experience at RedBalloon

4. How to stop turnover in small to medium enterprises

Templates and Checklists

1. Team Compass template: create your own team guidelines

2. Boundless Teams checklist: assess your leadership capacity

3. Touchpoint Cadence planner and agendas: set up your meetings for success

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